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Gallery album thumbs in Steam results and pic ordering


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hi, I uploaded a bunch of pictures in the gallery album and noticed that thumbnails generated are meaningless. IPS just takes the upper-left corner of the picture and crops it off. instead of shrinking the whole picture and cropping it proportionately. wordpress is great at this. Please address this in the next update of Gallery. I know you are working on it 🙂

Look, amazing thumbs which give you zero idea of what's in those pictures. 😞


Also this does not end here. I was sharing a 20 picture album with my members and I spent nearly an hour to get it right. ðŸĪŠ

I absolutely hate that there is no MANUAL sorting of pictures! The tools you give in per-album settings to sort are not enough.

You should add MANUAL sorting and also important ASC/DESC sorting on already present sorting methods!

Let me take you thru my journey a bit. I create a new album. I bulk select all the images - they upload and I drag and drop them in the order I want. I save the album and the order is NOTHING like I've sorted. Its probably by file name or date. I open the album and images are from newest to oldest.

I mean who wants to view a party FROM everyone getting to sleep TO people gathering to the party? ASC/DESC setting would work. But nah - its not in!

Had to manually rename every photo adding #01, #02 in front of the filename and set the album to order by filename. Such waste of time and a huge pain. How can I expect my members use and even understand this nonsense?

End of rant. 😄 Hope this gives you ideas for improvement and also let us choose the "main album image" which is shown at the upper-left side when you open an album. Now it seems its just a latest images date-wise selected picture which is once again a nonsensical way to select any cover.

@Jordan Miller @Matt greetings lads 😉

P.S. I'm on 4.4 with this site so I'm sorry beforehand if this is fixed in 4.6.

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