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A Moderator Can't Create Messages

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I have a mod who gets this error every time he tries to create a private message to another user.  What can I do to fix this?

Oddly, he can receive messages and reply to them with no problem but cannot initiate a conversation.

There is almost nothing in his inbox.  Just a couple of prior message threads with 1 or 2 replies and no attachments that I'm aware of.

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 14.56.49.png

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Unfortunately @Marc Stridgen, I think this has popped up again and I cannot seem to fix the error this time.  I am in the "Founder" group and here are my message settings (see pic) but other members are seeing a message that says that "@user" isn't able to receive messages at this time.

Are these the right settings to target?  Is something else going on?


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5 minutes ago, Mark H said:

I see two accounts with the name of "John Hatcher", though they are using different Email addresses.

Which one is the account in question?

(I assume it's the one who's a Founder, and not the one who's a Member?)

Building off of what Mark said here, Display Name is a unique field in our software and having two members with the same display name is an issue. You will want to contact the author of the SSO you're using for assistance here as this shouldn't happen and may be creating some unintended consequences.

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Ah, yeah, that sort of slipped by me, apologies for that...

You somehow have two accounts with the same display name. As my colleague noted, the display name must be unique (as must be the email address). 

It's possible the 3rd-party SSO was the indirect cause of this, but you need to change one of those account's display names to something unique, in both the ACP and the Wordpress admin panel. (From what you've said so far, I suspect you'll be changing the "Member" account and not the "Founder" account.)

Once that has been changed so there is only one account with that display name (John Hatcher), check to see if the problem still happens, and let us know if it does.

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