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CKEditor 4.16 has changed default theme to Moono-Lisa

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In the recent update update I noticed you upgraded CKEditor to v4.16.2, the latest version. That's great but it brings about some theming issues. I have previously included Moono Dark in my dark theme, but it's now outdated and no longer compatible.

As part of the 4.16 series, they have changed their default theme to the much more modern looking Moono-Lisa.

This means because it supports the internal chameleon code, it supports the hugely convenient uiColor config setting, to quickly change the color of the editor, either on the front end per user or globally.


There is a button for it too, called UI Picker. I tried this on 4.6.7 it works but isn't hooked up on the AdminCP backend beyond the basics, I think because the IPS skin is not simple to configure.

This is great news for dark themes or non-default themes.

Will you be updating the IPS to reflect these changes and improvements?

Many thanks!

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