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4.6.7 Third Party Customizations. Question

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Hi guys,

In the get support admin section I see that I have 12 third party customizations:
- Customized Editor
- 11 ads

I do not remember customizing the Editor to be honest, except some emoticons maybe. 
Also I'm not sure what 11 ads means.

I have the option to disable these customizations. But if I disable will they be kept and I can enable again?
Also how exactly I can know where these customizations are, so I can go and check if they are still relevant.
I'm using IPS for many years and I do not remember at all what I have customized and where.

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@Daniel FI check the advertisements and I noticed I have few google ads here and also a banner.
Can you please clarify for me how does this represent a security/support problem? Should I improve the code somehow? Use advertisements in some other way or what to do? It is not clear to me why I get this warning message and what I should do about it.

For the Editor message, it has extra 2 fields added before (font and size). I also do not understand why this is a security / support problem and warning.

Please clarify.

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