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4.6.7 Menu Manager does not save URLs. Suggestions?

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Hi there,

I recently moved to new VPS + upgraded from 4.3 to 4.6. I have some problem with the Admin -> Site Features -> Menu Manager

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Admin -> Site Features -> Menu Manager
2. Click Main Menu Item (with a link to a page on my website)
3. I change the link from http://mydomain.com/pagename to https://mydomain.com/pagename
4. I click Save Menu Item
5. I click Publish this Menu and I see a message: Your menu changes are now live

Current Result
I go to the site home, click the link and it is still the old one; sometimes change works, sometimes it does not; I tried to change in the DB in the table, but does not seem to work as well

Expected Result
Link should be changed appropriately

Any suggestions how to fix this? Any permission problem in the files or DB? Any special caching or option I'm not aware of? Or is this a bug maybe?

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@Marc Stridgen It looks like you are right, it seems like caching issue. Now all seems to be fine, even though it was not the last time I checked and modified few items.

But there is one more thing. My forum is located in /board/ and my index is in /
When I put the first menu item to point to /, after I save it will automatically add /board/ at the end of the URL and I can not seem to change this in any way.
Even though this is an external link menu item. 

Any way to fix this?

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Ok. Thank you! I do not plan to move to root at the moment though. In root I have few other scripts and also I'm not sure if I plan to have another front script there in future or not.

Thank you! I consider the issue resolved, even though it would be great if Pages can get again official support in future for working outside of the main folder.
I plan to keep using it like that at the moment. I hope it does not become a bigger problem in future.

Thank you!

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