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License Key Invalid

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Hey, @Marc Stridgen , I've got another question regarding licensing but not the same problem and don't want to open another topic.

I'm using Pages as my Core application (or first, however you want to call it), using the link for Check Licensed URL, my /forums, says is not licensed. Of course, the first Page, the link I have in Client Area, is licensed. I get that when is just a domain, not a subdomain entered, you can't assume the whole domain is licensed.

So, I can't modify my preference in subdomains, but still with forums, that I'm obliged to use, is red, not licensed, any fix?

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No. Everything is the same just Pages is the main application for my installation. The link that I have in Client Area is licensed, but the location of my forum, exemple.com/forums, is not licensed. As I remember I ask support when I bought pages and made it the main app, can I still have exemple.com/forum and not forums and the answer was no. Considering that is a must, I would guess that the checked should know that my link is licensed.


Let me get you a better example. I looked on gametracker to find a community like mine, using pages for a portal/blog/index etc.

The URL https://fearless-assassins.com/ is licensed.

The URL https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/ is not licensed.


I didn't want to use my website for the example but they are in the same boat. I guess doesn't bother anyone, but me.

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