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Push notifications not really working

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Hello there,

I remember when this feature was announced

That it promised push notifications even when you were not in the site. Unfortunately I wonder if this feature is only available for Cloud customers like Zapier, or if there's any further activation for this feature, because it doesn't really work. I've made many tests and I haven't gotten any successful notification either via smartphone or in my web browser.

The thing is, they don't work here either. I haven't received any push notification from invisioncommunity.com either 😅 So I really wonder how that works, or if anyone is having the same issues?

(just in case: yes, I do have push notifications enabled in my profile settings, and they're enabled in the browser as well)


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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Have you added this by selected to install invision community from the browsers address bar?

In my case I use Chrome on both Mac OS Big Sur and Windows 10 as well. I do have the webview community app installed on both my mac and also on my smartphone.

29 minutes ago, David.. said:

I have a similar issue. Except mine is for ranks. I'm not receiving any notifications at all when ranking up. I did apply the notifications patch too.

There's a notifications patch? 😶

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48 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

-Update- I have the option now, but testing it doesn't seem to do anything. I changed a handful of notifications to + push notifications.

I am using Chrome and Windows 10 (latest version of both)

I reported the same here (see my last post):

Still unsolved for me on 4.6.8. Haven't upgraded yet to 4.6.9 which has some "cryptic" note:

Fixed an issue when sending push notifications when content is recognized.

I have no idea what it even means and if it is related to my issue at all.

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If you're on Windows, do you see these notifications in your notifications window? (on Windows 10, this should be on the right side of the task bar and you have a chat bubble there with potential numbers) You will not get inline notifications on the website and push notifications, it is one or the other. 

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3 minutes ago, Joey_M said:

@Jim M: I still received inline notifications.

That would be an indication that your push notifications are not setup correctly in your browser. You would want to go to ACP -> Support, to verify that push notifications are able to be working on your server. Then go to notification settings on the front-end to see if they are setup, you should see "Push" if your browser allows it under "Notification Types Available" in Notification Settings.

If you're still having issues, are you able to setup push notifications here? (trying to determine if this is a browser issue or an issue on your community)

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