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    • By Chris027
      When not logged in and clicking on the "time stamp" of the most recent post, community members are brought to the first post in the topic rather than the newest post with that specific time stamp they clicked on. 
      Question: Is there a way to change this, so clicking on the time stamp actually takes a user who isn't logged in, to the newest post?

    • By marklcfc
      I know the reason you've changed it but its all wrong and not user friendly. Since 4.6.8 clicking this link no longer goes to the latest post, but to the start of the topic. That couldn't be any less user friendly, especially for those that use those links to get to the latest post often.

    • By Adriano Faria
      This resource will show a box with the latest  topics/posts on board index. The list is automatically updated at every X seconds.
      ACP Settings:
      Block position: Before of After forums categories Display topic author photo Hide the Recent Topics block from mobile devices Hide the Recent Topics block from small screens devices (tablet, netbook, notebook, etc.) Number of topics to show Ability to update member's personal number of topics setting to meet the Admin CP setting Display Moderator Options: Moderator Options will appear only to those who can moderate content Show block to specific groups Display topics from Clubs Exclude Forums: option to select which forums to NOT pull topics from Display effect and flash message when the list get updated Time to automatically update the topics list Member Setings (Account Settings):
      Display Recent Topics Number of topics to show Exclude topics from  
      Sponsored by @JustHatched
    • By Sethhh.
      I think will be a very nice update for IPBoard this option: to enable Recent Profile Visitors BLOCK for all members from ACP.
      For example, when a new user is registered on our forum, he must have automatically that block enabled.
    • By livegames.co.il
      Each reply is in my form log and shows a timestamp above every post.
      My problem is that reply  under 24 hours, showing the short format and not complete timestamp.
      For example, ' 3 hours ago' or '3 minuet's ago'.
      How can I change it to always load the full date and time format? 
      like 25/11/21 02:35 PM ( it showing it like that only for a post that past 24 hours) 
      Many thanks! 
      Before 24 Hours

      After 24 Hoers

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