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how can I stop the background processes?

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There is no way in which to stop the background tasks once they are started. You would need to await its completion, then move them back to wherever you need once that is done if needed. The other other option is to revert to you backup. Stopping them would leave your site in a state where some things are set to one and some are set to the other

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20 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

@Askancy Did you manage to get yourself sorted there?

Hi Mark,

thankfully yes, otherwise my fee to pay for AWS S3 would have skyrocketed.... 😂

I used a drastic measure, clean the background actions thing table from the database. Definitely not the best choice to make, but luckily I had just changed php version to the server and cronjob hadn't started migrating data yet.

It would still be useful to have a button to stop actions with: Pause (useful when you have the server overloaded and one thing is not essential) and an Undo and Restore


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