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Questions about Achievements system

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Hi there!

We recently introduced our custom Achievements and Ranks into our community and I was wondering if there was any way to display a Points earned or Badges earned ranking in the community. I noticed you can do it for points in the ACP by looking at members who are part of a certain rank and then sorting them by points. 

Also, we can still see in the ACP -> Reputation & Reactions -> Reputation Levels, all levels still show a badge. But with the introduction of the Achievements system, these badges are nowhere to be found in the Community. Any help about this?

Thank you. 🙂 

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Are you referring to for an indivdual here? If so, you can see these from the users profile. If you click your own profile here for example you will see your badges and reputation at the top. You can click any of those to give you the full listing.

With users in general, you can show what people are earning as they earn them by adding the "Recent Achievements" block to any page you would like it to show.

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On 10/11/2021 at 9:30 AM, Marc Stridgen said:

@PokemonMillennium Did you managed to find an answer to your question here?

Sorry about the very delayed response Marc! 

Thank you for your answer, but I was more interested in finding out if you could show publicly the list of members filtered by Rank (and Points earned) like in the ACP. Talking about something like this:


Basically an all-time points ranking to show within the Community. 

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