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[PAID REQUEST] SQL, Backend and Gameserver

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Hey guys! I'm running a gameserver and a webserver. Obviously, Invision Community is in the webserver but it has 0 connection to the gameserver. I need to make sure the two can talk to each other.

Registration - need the CMS to send an SQL INSERT query to my gameserver's SQL when an account has been confirmed (after an email verification or manual admin approval)
Interface - need a UI (as a custom block) to display a few SQL-fetched data fields such as amount of points, account rank in-game, account status as in available or banned) and such
PayPal - need to redirect the amount of points people get to show as in-game paid points and not in the website, so API adjustment is needed (or some other method, whatever works)

There's additional work that needs to be done, but that will be needed only after all the above are completed.
Like I said, this is a paid request and I would like to get price quotes before we start anything.

You can message me here or on Discord. My Discord is Dandi#2828.

Thanks in advance for showing interest!

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