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Randy Calvert

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Hey guys!

We've been making use of the ModCP across our site as a way to manage actions taken by our moderators.  Having spent more time in the area, I have a few suggestions I was hoping you might consider for a future version:

  • Once a report is made, there is no way to interact with the person that reported the content or to interact with the person being reported (other than to warn them).  At the bottom of the report currently is two tabs, one for the content from the person reporting, and another for moderator content.  
    • Allowing moderators to reply to the first tab if we wanted to interact with the person reporting would be helpful.  (Collect more info, get a better understanding of what the intent was, etc.) -- Since members don't have access to the moderator CP, maybe from the member perspective it's a PM?
    • Create an additional tab with the ability to interact with the person being reported.  There are cases we don't want to warn someone, but maybe a gentle nudge first can help de-escalate a situation. 
    • These areas would be AWESOME to include the new stock replies feature.  Where we can pick from a few canned replies and customize them as needed.  
  • There is no easy ways to find reports involving specific members.  For example, in the reports section...  it would be cool to be able to find reports involving (started or about) a member.  Today you can only filter by report status.
  • The AdminCP shows warnings issued.  Could we also see reports and if a warning was tied to a report show that relation?  
  • Could we have a way of editing a warning?  Once a warning is issued, if a decision is made to reduce the warning points for example, the only way to do this is to revoke the warning and reissue it...  this means the member must re-accept the warning which causes confusion.  It would be helpful to be able to edit a warning versus only being able to revoke it.  

This would help make our moderator's workflows much easier and make tracking issues much more straight forward.  There are times I've had to go look up something that happened six months ago and have trouble putting a timeline together fully of what happened.  🙂  

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I wish to bump this and the suggestions of previous posters. The reported content system is clunky and we have to use threads to compliment the report system. There being no ability to filter by the reporter or the reported member causes frustration for the moderators. Likewise, there being no ability to respond directly (including canned responses) to the reporter creates a disjointed system. Moderation discussion and actions should occur in one location with the ability to make associations without undue effort.

Sometimes, it is patterns of behaviour which require a moderation action. The inability to collate such information is very far from ideal.

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