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Safari Error after Update to 4.6.6

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After having updated some of my Invision sites to 4.6.6 I have a strange phenomenon on two of seven updated sites:

I get on each URL of this domain this error:

FetchEvent.respondWith received an error: NotFoundError: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': One of the specified object stores was not found.

This happens

  • only with the browser (in my case Safari 15.0) I used for the installation.
  • only on the computer I used for the installation

The error is gone for one page call after deleting the cache but occurs again after the first reload or an any other URL of this domain (including non-Invision pages)

Any idea where to start to dig?


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OK, solved.

Solution was to delete not only the cache but also „Cookies, Databases and Local Storage“ (translated from German „Cookies, Datenbanken und Lokaler Speicher“).

This setting can be found in Safari via Settings > Data Protection > Manage Website Data


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