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3 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

When I visit this site I check "Unread content" and I like to stay up to date with Marketplace, so I always check whats new there. I might be buying something. I do not understand why they have hidden that link in a sub menu.. I find all the other links to no use for me, except the client area.


Already mentioned that in another thread. Why is such an important entry hidden but there is an own button for a single club that is totally off topic?


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9 hours ago, Dean_ said:

@Matt @Ehren

Could you please look into adding the Marketplace link in the menu please, so I and others can access it on the mobile.

I've just added the "Our Community" menu to the mobile navigation panel, and have also added a Marketplace link to the "More" dropdown menu while viewing the forums.

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