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some problems in RTL mode


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Hi there

In this topic I wanna report some problems that related to RTL mode and should be fix:

1. in Achievements > Rules > create new:


vertical Line in RTL mode should be in right position

2.  in Admin When I wanna change the language or Theme sub-menu Instead of opening to the right, it opens on the main menu


3. in RTL mode Market Icon in menu disapear (This happens when we install the Persian Language package). also we can't translate the options:


note: If I see other problems, I will report in the continuation of this topic

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6. Register popup form on mobile

on the RTL mode When the users want to click on the register button, they can not see all the field of form and complete it. because scrolling up or down does not work. 

But in the LTR mode everyt



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