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[Bug] Search results issue when searching from a category

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Here's the steps to replicate the issue here on the IPS forum:

  1. Go to this page: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/492-community/
  2. Enter a term in the quick search field. Let's use question for this example.
  3. Select Search In This Forum and search.
  4. You'll get a page with 3118 results and 125 pages with this url:



Here's a couple of problems:

#1 ===

Now look at the url for page 2 in the pagination area and you'll see it's:


If you do open this link in a new browser tab however you'll get a page with 0 results. This is caused by the &quick=1 part missing from the pagination link.


#2 ===

If you do click on page 2 and instead of a new tab let ajax load the results you'll get this url:


The loaded results are still 3118 but the url has different values in it. Specifically updated_after=any is removed and search_and_or=or is added instead.

(The site I originally noticed the issue on goes from ~7k results to ~10k with more pages, but I can't replicate this results count change here on IPS's forum.)

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