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Some can't see "Drag files here to attach..." field

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Some of my clients have reported to me that they are unable to use the attachment bar ("Drag files here to attach, or choose files...") in Private Messages.  As in it doesn't even show up for them in some cases.  I've suggested they clear their browser caches (and I've cleared the site cache several times), but the problem persists.

I'm still gathering information on this, but my as-yet unproven theory is that they are using MacOS/Safari.  I haven't had any problems using popular browsers (Firefox/Chrome/Edge) on a 64-bit Windows 10 platform.

Just wondering if anyone else has reported this issue as well?


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Ahh, so.  Some of my clients had been switched to another member group and this setting hadn't been adjusted for the destination group.  They had been able to use it before and it had disappeared, so this explains it.

Thanks to everyone for their help!


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