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CHMOD / Permissions for IPS 4.6.6

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Hello everyone,

I'm hoping that I post in the right place, but I have seen this post from 2016: 


I tried to set all directories to 755 and files to 644, except for:

  • /applications
  • /plugins
  • /uploads
  • /datastore

which I set to 777. I'm still getting funky errors related to permissions. Like if I try to set the /admin directory to 777, I'll get 500 Internal Error in AdminCP, but when I restore back to 755, no more 500 error, but it fails to render the page properly.

This seems to be important for IPS to run correctly it seems, and since I couldn't find it properly document and it's now year 2021, I figured it makes sense to ask so I know what to expect. I also found this page: 

but it doesn't really cover which directories permissions should be set specifically.


If someone can clarify to me what permissions I should set to which directories and why, I would really appreciate it. I'm using a random hosting company to host my website in case it makes any difference.

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