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Feature Suggestion: Regenerate Thumbnails

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I have a suggestion for your plataform, or if already have this function tell me how to use then.

Wordpress have a good tools to help us with thumbnails, this - perfect to use if i change my theme and want to fix all posts/pages/etc.

My suggestion is allow the IPS use this concept too, for example: If i use a widget with most downloads:

There have a very small image, maybe 50x50 for example. The problem is: your plataform request the full image, if my customer upload a large image, with 200kb, this will broken my SEO score. 

If you allow tumbnails for all parts of the theme, this problem will not happen, like - picture-50x50 or picture 150x150.

Today google rank the website with best content and speed, but it's hard have a great speed if your system keep using a very old method to request images. I have no problem to pay more for your plataform, but you need to delivery more for us. Help us to have a best UX with your plataform. Try to start with this small feature.


Maybe if i was using a 50x50 version of the picture, will down 90% of this size.

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7 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I have moved this to our suggestions forum for future consideration. At present there are indeed smaller versions of images created for use in areas such as these for thumbnails (as you can see in the image name there), however they are not exact size images as mentioned. 

Maybe left to create a tumb for each request, for widget, for downloads category or front view for example.

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