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    • By Alexander V
      Is there any endpoint in the REST API to get clubs for a specific members?

      The other way around is mighty inefficient with lots of members per club…
    • By Kit_L
      Can someone step me through how to do this (i.e., step one > step two > etc.)?
      I was looking at a member's page today, and I could not see how to find his content, but I thought I remembered that this was possible from a member's page in the admin CP in the past.
      Thanks, KL
    • By Maxxius
      Hello, I'm trying my hand at setting up google tag manager and I wish to return as many useful values as possible.
      I had success with this code to determine member group by putting this
      {expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_group_id"} I tried looking in templates for other things to gather using this way but I was only able to find rank score. That's it.
      Does anyone know any other values like rank title. Registration date and similar?
      using {expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->some_value"}
      I'd take these variables that are returned and put them as variables in the dataLayer part of google tag manager script.
    • By Adriano Faria
      About This File
      This plugin will give admins the ability to add or remove followers from forums/categories across the suite. Tested on:
      Forums Calendars Downloads categories Gallery albums A few 3rd party apps, like Tutorials, Videos System, etc. Note:
      General rule: it has to work with any app that uses Categories. Not compatible with Pages. It will be in a further version.  
    • By Adriano Faria
      This widget will display followed content from all contents available on your board, like Forums topics, Gallery images, Downloads files, Blog entries, Calendar events and Pages records, order by last post, so you can get fast access to your followed items when they got a new reply/comment. It also will display records from any 3rd party app that meets the requirement for IPS4 Content, such as Tutorials, Videos System, VideoBox, Raffles, Quizzes, Crowdfunding, etc.
      Widget configurations:
      It has same configurations from a feed widget, such as: Status Pinned Featured Visibility Author Items from the last X days Number of items to show Groups to display the block. Notes:
      SOURCE ITEMS: it will vary according to the applications you have installed in your board and if they meet the requirement for IPS4 Content Item. TEMPLATES: it uses, if available, templates from the feed widgets of each app. If it isn't available, then a basic list template will displayed instead. PERMISSIONS: users will view only items that he has permission to view.  
      Made by request.
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