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    • By Sonya*
      Custom font size is not respected in Page Builder: Upload Images.

    • By SeNioR-
      Hi. I would suggest considering adding the font-display attribute to Font Awesome & Google Fonts to remove the warning in Google PageSpeed Insights.
      More at: Ensure text remains visible during webfont load


      and add parametr display=optional to https://fonts.googleapis.com
      <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Inter:300,300i,400,400i,500,700,700i&display=optional" rel="stylesheet" referrerpolicy="origin"> Best regards.
    • By Egorkin
      I have limited the file size to 250 KB, but still continue to download 1 MB. Where did I go wrong?
      And I would like to forcibly transfer long-downloaded images to a smaller volume or size. Is there such a tool?
    • By Gabriel Torres
      Evaluating our website with Google's Lighthouse, I came across this:

      This was easily fixed by editing core > global > framework > fonts.css and adding:
      font-display: swap; To 
      @font-face { I recommend adjusting this in a upcoming release.
      More info: https://web.dev/font-display/?utm_source=lighthouse&utm_medium=devtools
    • By LIVIO
      I'm really struggeling with the image size and ratio for calendars and blogs. By default, it's wayyy too wide. You can't display properly an normal image/photo, it's more a banner that an image.
      Is there a way (or a plugin) to manage the ratio of image in these 2 applications ?
      Many thanks
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