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    • By hpcrazy
      I think this is a bug which has to be solved. When somebody replies to a status update when you hit the " save " button the page does not refresh even the  reply gets posted. Here's a screenshot how it looks like :

    • By Luis_angel
      Hello, Can IPB work as a Learn Management System? I saw a plugin that does that but it hasn't been updates since 2018.
      Thank you
    • By Davyc
      I've spoken briefly in other topics on how lamentable the Pages app is for those who do not possess the skills to create their own templates and layouts. The Pages app is heralded as one of the most powerful applications in the suite, and it may be for those who can harness the power it yields.  For everyone else it is a minefield to navigate and a lot of people either just give up on it or resort to plugins from the marketplace, which are generally pretty good at what they offer but they are limited by the functions which developer has designed the plugin to do.
      One of the most powerful page layout generators I have come across is a WordPress plugin called the Divi Builder (made by www.elgantthemes.com) - it is one hell of a powerful tool that allows you to develop complex pages using adaptable rows and columns.  An example of some of the basic layouts offered (which can be applied on a row by row basis) is shown below:

      At present, Pages is constrained to 1,2 or 3 column layouts which cannot be applied on a row by row basis.  For example you CAN mix some columns in Pages but you are stuck with X number of columns on top/bottom with a single column that sits above or below; you can't have single column, two/three column another single column and another two/three column layout, etc.
      The other pain with Pages is that the column widths are non-negotiable; two columns will span the width of the container equally - you can't have one column take up 60% of the real estate with the other column taking up the other 40%, that is incredibly restrictive.
      I'm not advocating that Pages mimic the Divi Builder in all of the features it brings - it's module based and there are loads of different modules that can be dragged into the layout - but Pages can make a start by giving more power to layouts.  That would be a massive improvement on what sits there now.
      The other noticeable missing aspect is the ability to add pages to a page layout.  Very long articles would be better if they were broken into pages much like a book.  Single column layouts could have an added feature of making a page columned where the text will flow naturally from one column to another, much as it does in Microsoft Word, for those reading on wider screens.
      Stacking order for columns on smaller screens would be another feature bonus where you can choose to stack the most important blocks near the top with the least important below.
      This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what Pages can become as truly outstanding CMS application within the IPS Suite.  How much work would lie behind such an undertaking I have no idea, but it would be worthwhile and it would be a huge boon to those who want to harness the power of the Pages application and create some beautiful page layouts that capture the imagination.
      Thoughts? More suggestions also welcome as this is something that can be of benefit to everyone.  Thanks for reading.
    • By Atherys
      Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes
      ALTER TABLE `core_attachments_map` ADD KEY `map_lookup` (`location_key`(250),`id1`,`id2`)
      I wanted to know how we can fix this in order to update to the lastest version
    • By Petra Jane
      Is it possible to edit the Forum Update Page so that one can add the forum logo rather than show a simple black and white text message whilst the forum updates are running please?
      If so, a pointer to the file to tweak would be a bonus.
      Many thanks
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