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    • By ReyDev
      This app allows you to create collection from topics and posts and show in TabView and GridView  using tons of customization options.

      .: DEMO :.
      Features :
      Collection Create Topic(s) collection  Create Post(s) collection Add title Specify Forum (category , sub category) Filter by Status, Pinned, Featured, Visibility, Solved Specify Authors Number to show Sort type Sort direction Specify tags Add image cover Add icon  Add description (on cover) Widgets Topic Collection Post Collection Add title Select multiple topics and posts Ability to change the order of display of collections Default theme [Enable | Disable] Show icon [Enable | Disable] Show cover [Enable | Disable] Cover height type [Auto | Fixed] Cover height [Fixed mode] Cover Fill Type [Contain | Cover | Fill] Content Height type [Auto | Fixed] Content height [Fixed mode] TabView style Tabbar style [Scroll | Stretch| Wrap] Active text and background item color GridView style Column Number Color Title  Background Set border and border-color  Enable and Disable cover image border and set border-color Enable and Disable main and secondary title Fully responsive Mobile and Tablets supported RTL Supported
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will display Clubs Topic features (forums in Clubs) on Forums (app) index. It will display only forums that the user can see.
      Clubs forums position Above regular forums Below regular forums Type of Forums to display Only Forums from Clubs that I am member Forums from Clubs that I have permission to view Forums from specific Clubs Note:
      What is the advantage of using this plugin over default IPS feature? This plugin has 2 advantages: You can choose the block position You can choose to list: only forums from Clubs the user is member (IPS lists ALL forums, even those from clubs the member isn't member) only forums from specific Clubs
    • By Rizenmusic
      Hi! I own a file-centric website where I publish translations for game modifications. What I'd like to do is to add a short description to category page so instead of taking a text from the main block it would display a short description.
      There's custom fields in Invision and text field would fit just well. Is there any chance I could display it outside of file pages?
    • By opentype
      The is a bundle of small layout tweaks I use on my own community sites to change the look of the forums app. I turned them into a plugin so I and anyone else can use them easily without any manual changes to the theme code. 
      The main feature is a forum listing change, which puts the users into focus with large avatar images of the person creating the topic and the last poster. I’ve seen this on a community website once and it instantly convinced me. Instantly showing the people behind the posts makes the topics more personal and users are more likely to answer this way. I also added a few other tweaks, which I find useful or which people have asked for in this community. 
      Demo 1: Typography.Guru
      Demo 2: Typografie.info
      What’s needed: 
      Forums app Detailed Feature/Settings Description:
      Turn the avatar mode for desktop views on or off. Avatar size. mini, small or medium. Remove last poster column from index. A cleaner look and faster loading of the index page.  Dim inaccessible forums. Shows forums which can be seen but not opened with 50% opacity.  Dim forum description. Shows the forum descriptions with less contrast so the titles stand out more.  Remove headline from index. Removes the H1 “Forums” headline if you don’t need it.  Remove tags. Removes the tags from the forum listing views. Creates a much cleaner look.  More feature might be added over time. Feel free to suggest forum layout tweaks in the support topic. 
      The plugin only supports regular forums, not Q&A forums.  The plugin should work fine with forums using the stock theme or themes close to the stock theme. I cannot guarantee it will work on heavily modified themes. Third-party apps/plugins should still be able to change or inject content in the affected forum views. I tested a few like Topic Thumbnails or Best Answer on Discussion Forums and they continue to work. Again, there can be no guarantee that there will be no conflicts with third-party apps/plugins, which change the same theme files as this plugin. 
    • By Jai Haze
      It used to be a plugin I loved, but it takes up so much space vs being able to collapse it manually. Please add this
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