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I can't install the forum

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I'm trying to install a new forum, at hostgator.

I have created many forums in the past, and the intallation was always good, at the first time.

But this time, on the Server Details page, I get that error message : my_database'@'localhost' (using password: YES) 

  1. The System check is completely ok
  2. The license code is ok
  3. I'm sure the database name and user name and password are ok (I tried many times).

So... I'm stuck before I start...



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Glad to see you got it installed there. Could you please give me a little more information on how you are adding the page there? What items is it using etc? I created a page using only the page builder, and selected to use a different name. When doing this, it created with that name no problem at all, so want to ensure I catch this bug if possible.

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