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[Paid Request] Link Commerce's license Key to external db

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I'm looking  to hire someone who could link License Key database table `ipbnexus_licensekeys` (See Attachment) to an external database along with the local one.

Why? I want to connect it with our game. (When a user purchase a key from the community, I want the game to confirm and validate the user's request to redeem it in-game).

So what I'm exactly looking for is when a user purchases a product with a license key, I want the key that is generated in table 'ipbnexus_licensekeys' to be also generated to an external database  table with custom columns and identifiers(like The user's Email, member id, product id, date and item of purchase).
So default table in the community's db is to be intact. only carry the key and other info to another db as well.


If you find my request possible, and would like to work with me, please drop a pm, so we can discuss the cost for this service, and the specific details.




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