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    • By kims79
      I would like to contact you for a special subject, we are trying to see if we can increase the rhythm of our publications to appear on google news.
      I bought Ipboard Blog thinking it was the system you were using for IPBoard, finding it very simple and fluid, but I realized after a search on the forum that you are actually using page... And that this one is indeed more adapted to that than blog 😕
      Is it possible to get a refund for this, as the application was purchased less than an hour ago?
    • By Arthmoor
      At the moment, comments and reviews on file uploads can only be enabled or disabled at the category level. So either they're off entirely for everyone, or they're on for everyone.
      I think this is something that would be useful to have optional controls for on each individual file upload. Some people may prefer to use the comments and reviews, others may prefer to direct things toward an actual forum topic.
      They might also want to decide to disable one or both of these at some future point as well.
      In addition, it would also be nice if a file upload had an option somewhere to point to a topic after an upload has already been submitted, and to specify one during the upload instead of having to use the topic linkage feature in the ACP to assign where they would go.
    • By Arthmoor
      When a file category has the "Keep previous versions" setting enabled, admins and moderators will be presented with an option during a file upload to toggle keeping the previous versions.
      When a regular member does this, no such option is given and they are simply told the previous copies will be archived.
      I filed a support ticket thinking this must have been a bug, but IPS says it's made this way intentionally and that I should file this here for consideration.
      So here I am. Regular members should get this option presented to them as well because not all uploaders want their older copies of things kept even when the category has the setting enabled.
    • By Jai Haze
      I have 2 legacy licenses and cannot figure out aside from contact us which leads me back thru the loop of not being able to send emails to download them. How do i download my old 3.4 versions with the legacy licenses.
    • By hpcrazy
      Hey guys,
      I just installed the " Download " application. I just want to make the " Admin " able to upload and sell files. Been searching for a while now - any help where I can adjust those settings ?
      Thanks for your help in forward.
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