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    • By Hisashi
      If I translate a specific application, how can I download only this translation?
      Without having to download all the translations from the community through the following button
    • By sadams101
      I've been meaning to write a post about this for years, but there is a real issue with the IPB search engine in the Pages App. It does not seem to be able to find, for example, an article headline when you cut and paste the actual article headline into the search.
      For example, there is currently an article on my site called "Top Brands of Gluten-Free Canned Chili" and if I cut and paste that exactly and search for it, not matter how I run the search (using quotes or not), it will not find the article:
      https://www.celiac.com/search/?q="Top Brands of Gluten-Free Canned Chili"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy
      I can run the same search in the ACP in the articles area and it instantly finds that article. It does not matter which article you search for, if you put in the headline/title, the article cannot be found using the search engine, but if you do the same thing in the forum, it does find the correct forum, just not an article in the Pages app.
      Another example of your search limitations was demonstrated today when I searched your forum for an error code "1C223/4" and it found lots of things with "4" in the results, and probably somewhere in the results was something to do with that error code, but I had to google it to find this thread:
      Even putting quotes around the search did not work in your search "1C223/4":
    • By DawPi
      With this simple plugin you can download separate translations per app
    • By Joey_M
      Every forum permissions I have are;
      See Forum * Read Topics * Post New Topics * Reply to Topics * Download Attachments
      However, one strangely doesn't have 'Read Topics' - it has 'Read Own Topics' instead. I don't recall changing anything when I set the forum up, can anyone suggest why 'read topics' isn't showing. Perhaps I am forgetting a setting or option that is enabled for the forum?
      I can't find anything though.
      Please ignore, I've now found the setting. I need to get some glasses. 😕 
    • By count1
      Hello, I have registered an app on Facebook but I cannot find this option to enable FB embeds. What am I missing here? I was able to make FB login just fine.

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