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    • By Hisashi
      If I translate a specific application, how can I download only this translation?
      Without having to download all the translations from the community through the following button
    • By Optimvs
      Hi, I only have a payed subscriptors and I have a problem, when any user unsubscribe your plan they can continue to send messages to all forum users. There is not protected or I can't find any option to config this parameters.
      Another requirement about private messages should be that we can select who members group are permited to send.
      For example, only can send to administrators and moderators.
      Can you take a look if it is posible?
      Thanks a lot.
    • By sadams101
      I've been meaning to write a post about this for years, but there is a real issue with the IPB search engine in the Pages App. It does not seem to be able to find, for example, an article headline when you cut and paste the actual article headline into the search.
      For example, there is currently an article on my site called "Top Brands of Gluten-Free Canned Chili" and if I cut and paste that exactly and search for it, not matter how I run the search (using quotes or not), it will not find the article:
      https://www.celiac.com/search/?q="Top Brands of Gluten-Free Canned Chili"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy
      I can run the same search in the ACP in the articles area and it instantly finds that article. It does not matter which article you search for, if you put in the headline/title, the article cannot be found using the search engine, but if you do the same thing in the forum, it does find the correct forum, just not an article in the Pages app.
      Another example of your search limitations was demonstrated today when I searched your forum for an error code "1C223/4" and it found lots of things with "4" in the results, and probably somewhere in the results was something to do with that error code, but I had to google it to find this thread:
      Even putting quotes around the search did not work in your search "1C223/4":
    • By Adriano Faria
      Sports Betting App is a add-on for Members Shop, It will allow your members to gamble their points betting on sport events, Admins can create unlimited categories and betting options allowing you to choose from any sport / event known to man ( you can even use it for online gaming if you can find out the results of the match ).
      Betting Shop Features ( Including ACP )
      Index page including 4 blocks Staff Picks Newest bet selections Bets soon to be suspended ( Meaning can not place a bet on it after x time ) Random bet selections Create unlimited categories and sub categories to hold all your bets You can choose to add any sport you wish to the list Create unlimited betting options Pick & choose the bets you want to offer to your members Enter a Selection name ( Example Arsenal vs Man City ) Enter a description of the bet Either use a font-awesome 5 icon or upload a image to show on the bet slip Enter a venue of where the game / event takes place You can choose to add a google map location embed so when they hover the location it will display the map Enter a start time ( Users will not be able to bet after the starting time ) Pick a format for the odds from either Fractions ( UK ) or decimals ( USA / EU / ROW ) Select if this is a staff pick ( It will add a nice little gold star to the top left of the slip and add it to the staff picks widget ) Choose to place a header image on the betting shop main page Choose to enter some text to place above the image using the built in editor The main page will show all bets available randomally ( Each time you refresh the page it will change the way they are sorted ) Shows a table in the ACP with a list of all bets placed Shows a table in the ACP with a list of all bet payouts awarded Allow moderators to mark the bets won or lost via the ModCP Any time a bet gets marked won / lost it will log the details of the moderator who marked them in the moderator logs Allow your members to request a bet Once a member requests a bet it will display the pendinf request amount in the admin dashboard ( you will need to add the widget to the dashboard to see this ) Choose to display a category listing or the bet selection tables via the settings in the ACP as the landing page Allow users to add their bets to a betting slip allowing them to place all their bets in one place Choose from 3 different styles for the tables Normal rows Large grid boxes Small grid boxes My Bets Page ( Front End )
      Shows a nice grid of all your bets Filter the grid to show all your bets Filter it to show current bets in play / not comfirmed Filter it to show all your winning bets Filter it to show all your losing bets Once the bet had been confirmed as a winner, the users will go to their bets and click the button to collect their winnings If the bet was a winner then it will show a little golden trophy in the top left of the slip If the user has collected their winnings it will add a little green tick to the top right of the slip If the users bet was a loser it will show a little red cross in the top right of the slip Widgets
      Shows a list of users who have spent the most points gambling ( Biggest Gambler ) Shows a list of the highest bets placed along with the users who placed them Shows up to 5 staff picks what members can toggle through Show a button to allow members to request a bet
    • By DawPi
      With this simple plugin you can download separate translations per app
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