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New Topic Placeholders/Prefilled Custom Fields

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46 minutes ago, Arturs Visnovs_462520 said:

Just purchased it, was actually looking for something like this for a while now!

One issue, however, after editing the place-holder text when creating a new topic - the edits do not apply, still uses the placeholder.

I see what you mean. I was able to reproduce this as well, and I have just uploaded a new version in the MP  that fixes it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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Is this smth like plugin named: Pre-defined Topic Fields 1.3.6 ?

cuz i think they haven't relised upgrade for ips 4.6 and i m wondering is this the new version jus from new developer. Could't understand it from keyword "placeholders" but it seems to be what i think. 🙄

and as if it is new version of the same porpuse then some extra integrations, like with  Topic Icons 1.3.0 with what gives a option in your plugin to chose witch icons member can use on topic.

for now in "topic icon" app we can only upload unlimited icons and only limitation is by groups but not spesific forum/subforums or on spesific topics created by your product.

idk how you developers start collabs for developing combin apps & product but i think my need are definetly simular to other ips client needs, especially when it coms to multi community need all in one. 

Hope my tips would be usefull and i'm definetly cold be the buyer of this product as soon i will get more info. 😊

Regards @Miss_B

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