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Calendar-Add similar event bug

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I think there is a bug in the button "add similar event" (the one used to copy an event with the same template of another one).


When I create a new event in the normal way (Create-Event-select calendar) and I do not add any Cover Photo, this is what I get:



But when I copy the event using the button "Add similar event" (link: app=calendar&module=calendar&controller=submit&do=copy&event_id=25503) and I save it, I see a black background image:




If I edit this event, I see a 0B cover photo uploaded.




If I delete this file clicking on the X, the cover image will be deleted and I will get the same effect of the first picture I uploaded here.


Is this a bug or some of my settings are causing this? And if so, what should I change in order to not get the cover photo uploaded when I copy an event?

Thank you!


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