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I've been running an online forum since 2006 and I have been using IPS since (I think) at least 2011), so I've been a customer for 10 years. I have two licenses, another one is used for a client's website. 

I just want to say something about what I perceive is poor development practise from IPS regarding upgrades. Since version 4, every major point upgrade has brought me nothing but grief. You remove features that are integral to the functioning of my community and you introduce things that are, to be honest, seldom very useful. 

I don't know why you remove these things. Maybe there are reasons that make sense to yourselves as a company, but I have to tell you that after 10 years of going through these upgrade dramas, I am fast approaching the last straw. I don't have hundreds of hours to waste fixing things that were working before "upgrading" so that I can continue to use software I am paying for and which is supposed to me making my life easier (not harder). 

I understand the need for technology to change, but functionality should never just be tossed out the window because you may think it isn't working for your customers. 

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