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    • By AlexWebsites
      It would be great if there was a feature to rebuild posts after a word filter(s) was added. I know there are some plugins/apps to achieve this but something built in sounds like a no brainer for a complete word filter solution.

      Also, is there a template to use a word filter xml file? Or is this created when you have these on one site and then download?

    • By DawPi
      With this plugin you can filter posts content with specified badwords. You can use the '%' as a boundary sign to parse only whole words or part of them.
      You can specify prefix and suffix to give more light on the badword or display only few first chars.
      You can allow ro disallow members to enable/disable this filter.
      See screenshots to check more details.
    • By O9C4
      I want my community to be the income oriented platform and professional profit focused ecosystem. The below features are the tools to achieve mentioned goal:
      1. Allow Administrator to change the TopicStarter (Author).
      Some Authors can be banned or deleted from community, but topic can be popular and deserves to stay.
      2. Option to limit members from change topic title and first message separately.
      Most members creating misspelled topic titles and Administrator can edit more correct and SEO-friendly.
      3. If Reply to this status..., then updated status goes UP in All Activity feed and in Members own feed.
      Improves moderation and in profiles activity.
      4. Share this post on other sites: Add WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram, Tumblr, VK, XING. + Add the setup option for this feature in the AdminCP.
      5. Display icons on Pinned topics and Recommended posts in All Activity feed.
      6. Built-in translator for messages in other languages.
      7. Members can Pin own message on its Profiles Activity feed.
      8. Auto-width size of Excel table after copy-paste.
      9. If Delete All Content (Members) then delete created Clubs too.
      If I want to delete all the content of specific user, It should be erased completely! No need ghost-clubs, except the Public ones.
      10. Setup permissions for members group that way, so the members of "one group" could see each other content, but other groups can't see "one group" content. Like parallel world in the same community. + Hide "one group" content from search engines.
      Within the framework of freedom of speech, that is a good feature to hide and allow sensitive content.
      11. Option to leave the community. Ex.: Member leaved the community N minutes ago
      Sometimes Members asks to delete their account. Let them do it ourselves. And let them to decide in deletion menu to stay posted content as Guests or Delete All Content. 
      12. Set up premium buttons for Members to pay for extra options on direct pages: pin topic, change members group, recommend post, promote.
      Admin pre moderation.
      13. Feature to automatically delete inactive members for the period of time.
      I don't want dead souls on board and make illusion for members that we have thousands active members. So better to make feature to set a timeframe for inactive members after that they can be automatically deleted from the community.
      14. Word Filters for About Me in profiles, Usernames, Tags.
      Unfortunately Members can still avoid and post inappropriate content in mentioned sections.
      15. If Added new word to filter, all the filtered content must be updated regarding Action to take.
      Before I added another word to filter there is still hundreds of active topics and thousand active messages with the banned word.
      16. When any content is hidden for moderation approval on the Words Filter basis, highlight the banned words for Administrator.
      It needs a lot of time for moderator\admin to understand why the message was filtered: hard to find a filtered word in long texts.
      17. Text Editor for Replace with text action in Word Filters. Ability to chage color for replaced text.
      Amex credit card holders Indian or any country cards can be filtered word.
      Amex credit card holders Indian or any country cards can be filtered word.
      To pay more attention to the rules for intruders.
      18. Add new action to take: Hide\Reveal objectionable word.
      Instead of replacing text create to hide the objectionable word instead and a user simply places their mouse cursor over the top of it to reveal the word.

      The objectionable word is still present just obscured from view unless someone chooses to reveal it. 
    • By newbie LAC
      Support topic
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will create a new filter on Gallery categories to filter MY ALBUMS and OTHER'S ALBUMS.
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