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    • By Kitty Davis
      Hello. I updated a community package (BrilliantDiscord), and I am unsure if it is coincidence or not, but that seemed to have broken all JavaScript on the site, presumably due to JQuery now failing to load.

      Attempting to reload bypassing all caching did not fix the issue. The console isn't showing any 404s with scripts failing to load, so I guess it is just failing to load them entirely?
      Thanks in advance
    • By Square Wheels
      It seems I can no longer mark posts as the solution.  I suspect it's unrelated, but I recently had my host convert some myisam tables to innodb.
      I just cleared my cache.
      Forum setting

      Sample post

      Same issue if I disable all customizations.
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will display how many unread items you have in the board based on the Unread Content stream. The counter is linked to the Unread Content stream.
      Display counter when there is no unread content Cache time (in minutes) Show counter to chosen groups
    • By Everade
      Would be great if there's an option to remove the redirect_hits counter that's currently "hard"coded into the default theme (forums->front->index->forumRow)
      The counter seems to be a very specific use case, and it would be lovely to be able to easily remove it without modyfing the theme on every update.
    • By ipbhero
      Animated Number Counters is a lightweight, responsive, and mobile-friendly IPS plugin that boasts extraordinary design and effects to make your numbers stand out and catch the eyes of visitors on your awesome website.
      Ending Number: Set the ending number of the counter Color: Set the Color counter (blue,green,purple,DeepSkyBlue) Title:  Set Title counter &  Title Widget Icon:  Set Icon counter (Font Awesome) Demo
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