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    • By All Astronauts
      Non-Amazon S3 storage services do work with IPS 4.1x. Add your endpoint, key, secret, and sub-directory and custom url if needed, assign to some file category such as attachments or Gallery images and off you go!
      However, these Non-Amazon S3 services are NOT officially supported by IPS - that's because some of the internal methods have not been altered to handle them. These methods are hard-coded for Amazon S3 exclusively.
      If you are merely displaying images and the like on the front end, none of this is a problem. It becomes a problem if your end-users are going to download these files - that is when you hit the exclusively Amazon S3 code and the downloads will fail. For example, if you assign non-Amazon S3 storage to save IPS Downloads files, those files will not be downloadable. When the system attempts to make the download URL, it crafts that URL as if you were using Amazon S3, not some other S3-Compatible storage service.
      The two major areas that this will impact are IPS Downloads files and Attachments (this is what the file storage is called in the Files list in the ACP - it encompasses all attachments such as those you would have anywhere the full editor is used and there is an attachment dropzone.)
      This plugin intercepts the URL creation method called on Amazon S3 file storage objects, checks to see if it is an actual Amazon S3 request, and then just passes it on through as usual. If it is NOT an Amazon S3 request, it must be an S3 compatible method, in which case I provide a rudimentary URL to patch this up. It isn't anything fancy: just enough headers to push out the actual file name and trigger your browser to download it. If the attachment or file in question is an image your browser might just pop it up in a new tab, in which case just right click and download it there. This has been tested with the usual modern browsers (minus Safari), and various file-types. All testing was successful.
      BTW, as an aside, external FTP storage for files is NOT COMPATIBLE with IPS Community in the Cloud. Might want to note that...
      Free, support through the IPS Marketplace topic for now. Free also means lay off the instantaneous demands for support. I use this too so it's in my interest to keep this going. Support, and this plugin's existence, continues until IPS gets around to actually officially supporting Non-Amazon S3 storage.
      The only item in the entire IPS Suite that marks files as private is IPS Downloads. This plugin will flag them as public. This means a few things:
      1) If you are monetizing or otherwise require to fully control access to IPS Downloads files this is probably not the plugin for you. You will need to wait for complete 3rd Party S3 support, or at least specific mods to support obj.space, Digital Oceans Spaces, and so on. It really is just some hump work on getting the signatures correct (and it might be a V2 vs. V4 dance with varying providers as well - IPS just has a hard-coded-to-Amazon V4 method). Give it time, it will happen.
      2) If you are using this plugin on an already existing bucket with Downloads files, those files will need to be flagged as public-read for them to download correctly. Again, this plugin is just getting rid of the signatures to allow public files to download correctly from 3rd-party S3 providers. 
      3) IPS Downloads users on IPS Community in the Cloud may need to wait forever and ever before the plugin will work correctly (forever and ever being defined as more than handful of minutes) as CIC caching takes some time to get things working. You *will* need to be infinitely patient. Like, install and then go drink something for awhile, read a book, etc. Then test. Don't yell at me saying this is broken., It isn't. Tested and verified on both own-hosting and CIC.
      Enjoy, good luck, etc...
    • By Giray
      I would love to see a graphically clean way of looking up all the applications and their compatibility with a version of IPS, especially the latest version to help me decide whether to upgrade. Currently, deciding to upgrade, to for example 4.6, is difficult. I have to either go app by app in my install or go to the Marketplace, go category by category with the version filter and scroll through all the apps until I find, or don't find mine. Developers should have some kind of back-end field where the check off the version(s) of compatibility, and then on the front end, like with all compatibility matrices, you would have an app with checkmarks to the right under each valid version.
      If it already exists and I missed it, my bad.
    • By Luciann
      I updated from php 7.4 to 8.0 fpm but the forum isn't working anymore it gives error 500. All the other scripts I have work just fine.
    • By Joy Rex
      I think it is pretty common for users of IPS to have Applications and Plugins from the Marketplace - it would be helpful if the ACP had a built-in version check against the currently installed applications and plugins and what is compatible with the upgrade, rather than having to manually check each one (which for some could mean quite a bit of back and forth).
      Has anyone found a more efficient/automated way of doing this?
    • By Karina Harumi
      Compatibility with Invision Version 4.6.0.
      Hi. I use your plugin (Back to Top) on my forum and would like to know if it supports the new version of Invision so I can upgrade.
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