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    • By Afrodude
      Finally I have just figured out why I am seeing this message. 

      It's really sad there were no error logs to show, and we have tried before to find what causing this in this topic.
      The bug is related to the new anonymous content new feature. 
      How this message shows. 
      Forum that has allow anonymous content feature enabled.  Admin group or staff groups have permission to post anonymously (can post anonymously enabled for the group) This message shows whenever the staff members who can edit any member's post/reply trying to edit a member's reply to the topic where forum has allow anonymous content feature enabled and this member group has no permission to post anonymously. 
      The message will not show any more if you give that member group permission to post anonymously or disable this feature from forum settings, and only shows whenever staff members trying to edit the reply of a member who has no permission to post anonymously where this feature enabled on the selected forum. 
      After this message shows, and the topic still saying saving.... 

      Yet it never ends, but if you refresh the page you will noticed it's already saved. 
      Hopefully you guys fix this bug because it wasn't easy to find after all this time especially it doesn't has any error logs.  
    • By John_C
      I have an issue when I click edit post, it shows the forum header in the wysiwyg box.
      How to fix this? 

    • By Adriano Faria
      This widget will display random content from all contents available on your board, like Forums topics, Gallery images, Downloads files, Blog entries, Calendar events and Pages records. It also will display records from any 3rd party app that meets the requirement for IPS4 Content, such as Tutorials, Videos System, VideoBox, Raffles, Quizzes, Crowdfunding, etc.
      Widget configurations:
      It has same configurations from a feed widget, such as: Status Pinned Featured Visibility Author Items from the last X days Number of items to show Groups to display the block. Notes:
      SOURCE ITEMS: it will vary according to the applications you have installed in your board and if they meet the requirement for IPS4 Content Item. TEMPLATES: it uses, if available, templates from the feed widgets of each app. If it isn't available, then a basic list template will displayed instead. PERMISSIONS: users will view only items that he has permission to view.
    • By AlfaSpaceNET
      After update to 4.6.7 can't post replies 
      The field for replies it too small:

    • By Luciann
      When I edit groups html they display random colors no matter what I put in there this is a code example: <font color="red">Group</font>
      Instead of red it displays green or some other random color, what's this caused by? I'm confused.
      After many tries it finally updates and work properly, I tried purging cache on cloudflare and I even asked people if they see the same think (they said yes so it's not locally happening).
      This never happened to me before, it makes no sense. Also this is happening on all themes, not just 1, so it can't be caused by a specific theme.
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