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Change multiple Commerce post-purchase emails?

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On my test site I sell Black, Green, and Special Blue Widgets.  If I purchase 8 Black, 3 Green, and 1 Special Blue Widget, I receive 13 emails - 1 for the Payment Pending notification (since I'm testing with Bank Transfer) and 12 separate emails for each individual product purchased!

Now I realise that this is "a feature and not a bug," since the Custom Emails stipulates that "The emails defined here will be sent for each purchase, so if a customer purchases more than one of this product, they will receive more than one email."  But unless I'm missing some configuration option, IMHO it doesn't look incredibly professional to flood someone's email inbox with so much redundant email (and could a site get blacklisted or blocked for sending so many emails at once, depending on the volume of product purchased?).

Are there plans to revise this?  In the above example, I would expect to receive 4 emails - the first being a Payment Pending, and then one email for each product purchased (regardless of quantity).  I mean, do I need to be thanked for each Black Widget I buy?

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