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    • By ipbhero
      Bouncy Navigation Plugin
      A full-screen navigation, with floating menu items.
      There are cases when you want to present the user with a choice, with the focus of the web page being the different options. Whether it is a modal navigation, or a list of categories, todays nugget gets you covered!
      We used CSS animations and a pinch of jQuery to animate navigation items, and let them bounce in and out the screen.
      Icons are from our fontawesome set.
      This resource was inspired by Tumblr iOS application.

      1- After installing the plugin, first complete its configuration and save it
      2- (Cache sidebar) It is recommended to disable and re-enable the plugin after saving the settings
    • By Dave D
      Fairly often we get a post that sends a topic completely off the rails and we'd like to remove that original post and all other subsequent posts stemming from that original post.
      Any way to do that easily?  rather than finding and deleting each post individually?
    • By Darth Vortex
      New version of the good old Back To Top, but rewritten and with additional features, as there are ...
      Themechooser - You can now choose where the plugin is active, if themes already bring a similar feature.
      Icon selection - Choose from 5 "standard icons", or use a Font Awesome icon of your choice.
      Color, size, transparency and positioning are also freely selectable.
      Note: This is a whole new plugin, no upgrade of the old one.
    • By shahed
      $12 ---> $10
      Offer ends in 30 November
      Navigation Toolkit is a plugin to add some useful feature and buttons in your community:
      Progress page bar when scrolling the page. with plugin side setting it's possible to give different color for this progress bar. Dark Mode/Light Mode button. smoothly change theme color from light to dark or dark to light mode. (Note: only tested on IPS default theme) Font resize button. with plugin side setting, it's possible to give user two choice for font size: default size or large font size. Theme selector. ability to change community's theme Language selector. Ability t change community's language Refresh page button Go to top button Go to bottom button Show/Hide Global sidebar Sticky effect for Global sidebar Setting for fixed Navigation bar Group permission setting for access each button separately (New) Position setting, now possible to display buttons at top user navigation area (default) or vertical side menu in left or right of the page (New) Demo


    • By MadMaxMangos
      I would like to remove an application, please let me know when this has been made into a support ticket as i do not want to post this to the forums. Thanks.
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