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My site is getting hit with a lot of IP request...

Ocean West

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many from Russia federation ISP has been blocking IP ranges and were hitting 90+ percent 


this page has thousands of hits


what table could I see guest access and ip's sorted by time trying to go thru the who is online and clicking links is tedous

(on top of this I am going off the grid for the weekend camping ) 



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Ok post mortem - I am finally back to civilization after going camping and my ISP told me my server was getting thousands of hits a second on that page - he didn't see any redirects but rather direct links to that url.

He thought it was some forum vulnerability - not entirely sure. He mitigated it while I was away blocking thousands of IP address both IPV4 and 6 in addition to entire countries, after awhile things returned to a normal level.

I was in the process of switching to Cloudflare but didn't have a chance to implement it before I was out of internet range. He told me today that another one of his clients had an attack on a server and they were using Cloudflare, the attackers were spoofing them or such. 


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20 hours ago, Ocean West said:

He thought it was some forum vulnerability - not entirely sure.

There are no known vulnerabilities. Were these IPs (or variations) hitting other URLs too? If so, probably some rogue bot that has saved a bunch of URLs and going back. The specific URL you mentioned would create an error as the CSRF key had expired if they went back to it  

I saw this a lot on my personal community with Russia with text scraper bots and just blocked the whole country. 

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