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How to shorten quotes

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Before upgrading to the latest software version whenever anyone used the quote thing on my forums it would shorten it to about two lines and then you could click to see the whole thing

Since upgrading it's gone back to just quoting the whole thing meaning you have to scroll all the way through the quote before replying

Anyone know how to get it back to shortened quotes?

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Sounds like something is not quite right with Javascript or the theme on your community since upgrading. Either there is a theme compatibility issue, cache issue, or a write issue on the server. I would recommend clearing cache by going to ACP -> System -> Support. Then try again.

If that does not help:

  1. Switch to an unmodified theme and check again.
  2. Check to ensure write permissions on your server are correct. If you're on our Cloud, please submit a ticket as we would need to see what else is going on.
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