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Stuck between Invision and my hosting company. what can I do

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I have two Invision forums and the issue I'm going to mention is the same on both forums

So I went into my AdminCP the other day to check out the new 'site health dashboard of the latest version (which is excellent I might add!)

In AdminCP I have no critical issues showing but I do have a few showing as 'important issues' so I thought I'd remedy and sort that

So the first one I wanted to sort was the important issue showing in the 'database' section where it says to me that I have 'non-InnoDB tables'

I then go to my hosting server CPanel and into PHPMyAdmin, then into my database, then one by one I find the tables that were MyISAM, clicked 'operations', and changed the storage engine to InnoDB

Everything went perfectly well and all tables changed easily to InnoDB until that is I tried to do this with the ibf_core_sessions table. Every single time I try to change to to InnoDB it gives me the error









If I click the 'details' link I get this..






Invision say they can't help as it's not an issue with the software but with the hosting

My hosting says I need to speak to Invision as it looks like an upgrade or something could have failed and broken the structure of the site 

So I'm stuck

I'm stuck in the middle unable to change the one table from MyISAM to InnoDB

What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?



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I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. The command just can’t be executed because there are some conflicting settings preventing it. But we can’t know which from just the screenshot. Google “wrong create options” and you will find discussions about the potential causes and solutions. 

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Thank you - yeah nothing on Google

What's frustrating is I'm not techy enough to solve this one, Invision are like 'yeah that's a hosting issue so we can't help' and the hosting are 'Your server's working fine and as it should be, your invision software is the cause of it so speak to them'


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Yeah... i know that feeling, in my case the problem (not database linked but ressource allocation linked) was from the hosting company so I changed and everything is ok now.

Regarding your problem, it means (as for me) you'll ned to find a solution by yourself. I think you'll need to extract your DB and change the format before reload it, it may be tricky but with some assistance it is not so complicated.

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1 minute ago, marklcfc said:

If you’re with the same host as I think they helped me change from myisam to innodb (a few years ago) but I’ve been in that situation where I was stuck in the middle many times with them.

Yeah that's them

I think I'm going to disable strict mode, make the change and then re-enable strict mode

Can't think of anything else to do

26 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Likelihood is that InnoDB strict mode is set to on - ask your host to check, and set it to off if so, then run the operation.

Thank you - spoke to the hosts and they just said it's not a supported thing so I'm on my own - so going to do it anyway! 

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