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(Pages) JS templates 2 bugs

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There are some bugs in CSS and JS GUI of CMS.

1. Deleting Javascript files

How to reproduce:

  • In AdminCP, go to Pages -> Templates and select the tab JS.
  • Click on New and select Add Javascript file.
  • After saving, click on Delete and confirm the dialog
  • The list of templates you see now is from HTML tab, although JS tab is selected


Clicking on JS tab does not change anything, you have to refresh the page to see the real content of JS tab.

The same if you click on Add Javascript file, but do not create one and close the modal with "X". The content of JS tab disappears and comes back after refreshing.

2. Unable to use created folder when IN_DEV

How to reproduce

  • Create a new Javascript file in a new group named "Test"
  • Try to create another file in the same group. 


You will not get "Test" as existing group. The only group you can see in the list is JS. But this group does not really exist. You will not be able to add another files to the group Test unless you switch off IN_DEV

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