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    • By marklcfc
      It would be useful to be able to click on the badges in profiles and see a list of members who have earnt that badge, or at least the manually awarded ones if not all.
    • By GazzaGarratt
      Whilst we wait to get more functionality and diversity with the Achievements section (which I think we have a great foundation btw), one thing is ultimately needed to bridge the gap until we find creative automated ways to earn badges.
      When you award a Badge manually, unless you have a real specific name, it is unclear what it is for. If Badges had the description box, like when you have an automated Rule, then it would make total sense to the member.

      This approach will futureproof achievements as a tactical way of using manual badges until you get to a point when you can automate a badge. Especially so, if badges relate to other content that isn't tangible like a post or topic on your website.
      Can someone confirm if this is planned or needs anything to raise the profile of this higher?
    • By Runar
      This is the support topic for the plugin Customize New Member Badge.
    • By Dexter_X
      Hi, it seems I'm having a problem it is supposed to have been already solved : sometimes, when a user wins an achievement rule where the user shall receive points and a badge, the user only gets the points but not the badge. Last time it occurred it was linked to a notification error that raises an exception making the badge award to be loss.
      Now I've - again - the exact same behavior. So please, can you solve it once for all ? That's certainly generating a lot of inconsistencies in our rules system and considering it is still not possible to adjust automatically awarded badges by giving them manually it is just not functional...
      @Matt ?
      (i've updated my production site access in the client area and I can provide you at least one user profile where it has recently happen in my community)
    • By My Sharona
      Is there a file somewhere of the icons used for the badges?
      Also, for the default "Ranks" icon?
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