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    • By NAWAC
      I am using the API to create topics successfully. However, I cannot seem to be able to add a poll to a topic via the API . Here is what I'm using as my post fields that is sent to the API via curl. Note, everything below the /* poll variables below */ comment is what I'm trying to post as the poll data to the topic. The topic still gets posted, but the poll does not get created in the topic.  What am I doing wrong?
      $post_fields = array(                     'key'             => urlencode($apiKey) // the topic id                     ,'forum'         => urlencode(IPBFORUM_ID) // the forum id                     ,'title'        => urlencode('This is the title') // the title                     ,'post'         => urlencode($message)                     ,'author'        => urlencode($user_id)                     ,'author_name'    => urlencode($author_name)                      ,'hidden'         => urlencode('0') /* poll variables below */                     ,'poll_title'    => 'Cast your vote'                     // poll_options: Array of objects with keys 'title' (string), 'answers' (array of objects with key 'value' set to the choice) and 'multichoice' (bool)                     ,'poll_options' => array('title'        => urlencode('Make your choice, either Yes or No:')                                             ,'answers'        => array('Yes','No')                                             ,'multichoice'     => '0'                                             )                     ,'poll_public'    => '0' // bool     Make the poll public                     ,'poll_only'    => '0' // bool     Make this a poll-only topic                 );  
    • By DawPi
      File Name: (DP33) Guest View Limits
      File Submitter: DawPi
      File Submitted: 16 Apr 2011
      File Category: Security

      Limit page views for guests in specified amount of time.

      bots can explore wghole board without limits, enable/disable mod, set visit limit number and time, set error message, limit topics (or no).

      here to download this file
    • By Vegan Gaymer
      I received this as an alert regarding my Facebook Login api, but I have no idea how to fix it? Does anyone know what I have to do to fix this? Thanks!

    • By Egorkin
      I have limited the file size to 250 KB, but still continue to download 1 MB. Where did I go wrong?
      And I would like to forcibly transfer long-downloaded images to a smaller volume or size. Is there such a tool?
    • By Nathan Explosion
      Application allows you to:
      impose limits on the number of words or characters which the editor content must contain before the content can be submitted in addition, the number of links/videos/emojis/spoilers/images can also be monitored settings can be imposed on a group basis, meaning that one group can have different limits to others, or have no limits at all settings are then imposed on an app basis (Forums/Calendar/Pages), and can target all or some of the elements within those apps Please note the following:
      If you require support then please post in the provided support topic. Do not use PM and do not use the review functionality.  
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