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    • By ReyDev
      This app allows you to create collection from topics and posts and show in TabView and GridView  using tons of customization options.

      .: DEMO :.
      Features :
      Collection Create Topic(s) collection  Create Post(s) collection Add title Specify Forum (category , sub category) Filter by Status, Pinned, Featured, Visibility, Solved Specify Authors Number to show Sort type Sort direction Specify tags Add image cover Add icon  Add description (on cover) Widgets Topic Collection Post Collection Add title Select multiple topics and posts Ability to change the order of display of collections Default theme [Enable | Disable] Show icon [Enable | Disable] Show cover [Enable | Disable] Cover height type [Auto | Fixed] Cover height [Fixed mode] Cover Fill Type [Contain | Cover | Fill] Content Height type [Auto | Fixed] Content height [Fixed mode] TabView style Tabbar style [Scroll | Stretch| Wrap] Active text and background item color GridView style Column Number Color Title  Background Set border and border-color  Enable and Disable cover image border and set border-color Enable and Disable main and secondary title Fully responsive Mobile and Tablets supported RTL Supported
    • By Byron Guyer
      Over the last couple of weeks, I have send several emails to people in tech support, plus two messages using the contact form, but no responses so far. 

      A while back, I was told that my hosting company is requiring a newer version of IPB software.  Right now, my forum is dead in the water.  What I need to know is how to upgrade into a board version that works, and what that cost might be, and any other details. 

      Is there a new or better way to contact support?
    • By Garletto
      Hello Invision Community,
      I had update my community's forums to version 4.6 this morning. By doing so, my login method (previously solely relying on Steam Integration) had broken, resulting in me not being able to access my forums' AdminCP or register a new account. In attempt to remedy the issue, I (foolishly) got confused by Invision's customer panel and paid $15 to move the forum to another domain, where I created another installation, in hopes of reverting my forums back to default settings (while keeping my MySQL data) and then switch back, however, this simply resulted in a 500 error: "An error occurred (500 Error)"
      When trying to reach the AdminCP it also returns a 500 error, albeit a bit more informative:
      "We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now.

      Call to a member function getThemeSettings() on null"
      There are no errors under uploads>logs or PHP errors on my machine. Any help would be incredibly appreciated. 
      PS the link is www.GarnetGaming.net/forums
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will display Clubs Topic features (forums in Clubs) on Forums (app) index. It will display only forums that the user can see.
      Clubs forums position Above regular forums Below regular forums Type of Forums to display Only Forums from Clubs that I am member Forums from Clubs that I have permission to view Forums from specific Clubs Note:
      What is the advantage of using this plugin over default IPS feature? This plugin has 2 advantages: You can choose the block position You can choose to list: only forums from Clubs the user is member (IPS lists ALL forums, even those from clubs the member isn't member) only forums from specific Clubs
    • By Madutu
      Some source files are not correct for the current version. If you uploaded the files to your server manually, the process may have failed or not completed yet. Download the latest version from your client area and upload the files again in order to continue.
      If you are sure the files have been uploaded correctly, make sure the permissions are set correctly on them.
      /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/Application.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Queries/Image.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Query.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/TypeRegistry.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Types/AlbumCommentType.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Types/AlbumItemType.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Types/AlbumType.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Types/ImageCommentType.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/GraphQL/Types/ImageType.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/categories.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/comments.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/images.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/api/reviews.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/EditorLocations/Albums.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/EditorLocations/Categories.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/EditorLocations/Gallery.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/EditorLocations/Images.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/MemberFilter/Album.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/MemberSync/Gallery.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/Queue/CleanUpGalleryImages.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/extensions/core/Queue/RebuildGalleryImages.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/admin/gallery/categories.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/admin/gallery/settings.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/admin/stats/bandwidth.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/admin/stats/diskspace.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/admin/stats/member.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/front/gallery/browse.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/front/gallery/submit.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/modules/front/gallery/view.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/setup/upg_104000/upgrade.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/setup/upg_60000/upgrade.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Album/Album.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Album/Comment.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Album/Item.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Album/Review.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Category/Category.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Image/Comment.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Image/Image.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/sources/Image/Review.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/widgets/albums.php /home/westarena/public_html/applications/gallery/widgets/galleryStats.php
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