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    • By Afrodude
      If any of staff groups have access to can post anonymously, and would like to edit a member's reply or topic, it will change the author of the edited post or reply to the staff member who edited the post or comment. 

    • By Marco Junior
      Hello everyone,
      I need help with post anonymous, when I create a new topic with this function.
      Does dont possible edit my post for not anonymous because when editing nothing occurs the topic continue anonymous.
      Any solution for this ?



    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will create a link to a popup on forum view to display who posted and how many posts users have made in the topic.
    • By Roboko
      In my community, I extend the forum by pushing notifications into the game that the community is from.
      A problem I have is that some areas of the community, a member should really get notified when new content is added. This applies to some custom pages, a particular forum section, clubs the user has joined including their calendar events and also important items posted to the news blog.
      I think having an option that anybody who has permission to view the content is automatically following it would help in this scenario, as it would make my forum a much more effective means of communicating information and reaching the right people where otherwise content might be missed because the user was not notified of its existence.
    • By Adriano Faria
      This application will allow your chosen usergroups to toggle browsing your site anonymously.
      Select what user groups can use this feature If you remove their ability to login anonymously from the login screen then this plugin will still allow them to go anonymous once signed if ( If you gave them permissions via this plugin that is ) Adds a button next to the notification icon allowing your members easy access to the toggle button ( Show's on mobile devices too ) Allow your selected usergroups to pick if they always want to login anonymously ( This can be edited in their member settings )
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