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Group templates and collapse databases

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If I may, I would love to see a few updates to the Pages UI when working with templates and databases:

  1. Group Templates / Template sets - I tend to make quite a lot of templates for the different databases I have and while I can search for templates to locate the right group, it would be great if we could group sets of templates like we can with components and pages for example. This way I can add the 4 template groups into one set, or group all form templates into one group, to make it easier to find the set I am looking for.
  2. Template naming improvements - Right now all pages template names must be in lower caps when creating them. You can change this after creation, but it is still a bit annoying if you have a naming convention for all templates that you want to use. I suggest you separate the label and the ID so we can use labels any way we want, but the ID is still in lower caps format.
  3. Allow repositioning templates - If you accidentally place a template in the wrong place today, you have to delete the file and recreate it again in a new group. I suggest you change that so I can edit not just the name, but allow me to move or create a new group even if the file is created.
  4. Collapse all databases - at the moment all databases are listed in the left column with the three sections below. This makes things a bit cluttered and I would suggest that we list just the name of the databases and make it so you can expand each database to show the fields, categories and items under it. That would make it easier to scan for the right template when you have many. For extra points, you could add "collapse all" and "expand all" to quickly open or close all database sections.
  5. Alternate color rows for database fields - Right now all rows are white. This makes it a bit tricky to follow when you are on a big screen, and an alternate color styling would help that a lot.

    That would be all for now 🙂
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