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Database ACP Records Should Support Data Tables

Ocean West

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Even as an option for end user display...

Shouldn’t be too hard to build a listing template which supports this.

Do you have specific use-cases for this in mind? Because one issue I see is dealing with a large amount of records. The script really only makes sense if all records are loaded at once. With a database with hundreds of records it might not work well. Either it creates a huge and slow query to get all records in, or the Pages navigation remains in use, but then you are really only ordering a sub-set of the records, which might be confusing and not very useful. 

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On 6/17/2021 at 5:28 PM, Ocean West said:


It would be so much easier to see what is the content of your databases records if you could see it as a data table. 

Even as an option for end user display...

I bound 5000+ Pages records to a Datatable recently and it loaded quite quickly and once loaded, filtered and paged almost instantaneously. You can also do near real time search of the table contents too and it naturally supports multiple anded keywords in the search string.   It will also group by category if you set the options correctly.  

It’s a very nice tool and very easy to bind to. Just alter the listing template (iirc) to render the contents out to a formal table, including thead, and on document load bind the table to the Datatable using jQuery. 

It also works very well on mobile, allowing you to define which columns remain visible and which are revealed when you click the record. 

If you are interested I think I still have some screengrabs somewhere that I shared with another member here. It shows a fully loaded Datatable bound to Google maps running in our in dev Pages recruitment app.

it’s a great tool and went down very well with beta testers.  



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