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    • By ZackR
      I run a relatively small forum and after the latest update, this task is taking forever. As in, it's been 10+ days and is at 38%. I see no way to kill it or restart it. 
      Any suggestions on how to get this to run? It looks like from the Dashboard, there are others behind it that aren't moving AT ALL. For example, "Reindexing posts" has been stuck at 2.58% for days.
      I'm open to any suggestions/ideas.
    • By PokemonMillennium
      Hi there!
      We recently introduced our custom Achievements and Ranks into our community and I was wondering if there was any way to display a Points earned or Badges earned ranking in the community. I noticed you can do it for points in the ACP by looking at members who are part of a certain rank and then sorting them by points. 
      Also, we can still see in the ACP -> Reputation & Reactions -> Reputation Levels, all levels still show a badge. But with the introduction of the Achievements system, these badges are nowhere to be found in the Community. Any help about this?
      Thank you. 🙂 
    • By Hisashi
      I thought of some actions that I think would be interesting to have as rules, comment your idea.
      When to fill in a specific profile field Join a specific group Specific date Add photo Day won Two Factor Authentication Referrals
    • By Jai Haze
      It used to be a plugin I loved, but it takes up so much space vs being able to collapse it manually. Please add this
    • By Kevin Rogers
      Do we have to run the "Achievement Rebuild" feature every time we make changes to ranks or achievements if we want to affect the past points our members have received? 
      We changed our ranks back to our old rule system from before the update, but points are being awarded according to this rule system only from the point it was created. (i.e. we changed it on June 30 and only since then have people received points according to the rule system we set in place. Their points prior to the change are still according to the default ranking system that was put in place after the update.)  
      Does this make sense? Has anyone else tried and succeeded (or failed) by using the Achievement Rebuild feature?  
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