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Make gallery thumbnails JPEG

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21 hours ago, Daniel F said:

There’s no setting for this, but I’m really curious .. why would you want to do this? 

I have a huge gallery and by uploading only high resolution pngs the thumbnails even if scaled take up a lot of space and obviously they are slow to load, having the jpg format would be a great compromise

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9 hours ago, Emaxo said:

Is there any update on this front? Unfortunately the PNG thumbnails in my gallery are becoming unsustainable in terms of space

There would be no update on this, as its not something on which the software can do at the present time. There is no active plan to support this function at present, however please post up within our suggestions area if you wish to see something like this in the future. Ensure of course you detail the reasoning, as this may not be the only way around the issues.

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