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    • By usmf
      Hoping there may be an answer for this. A member is having issues, because his iPad cannot view either of our two communities (which are updated to the most current). Here is his description of the problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
      I was hoping you might help! I started having problems opening this forum and the world forum on my iPad about a month or two ago. I sometimes get a “the server stopped working” message but mostly it just spins and never opens up. I thought it was something with my old iPad….it was very old. But I now have a brand new one and unfortunately I am having same problems. I know my internet is working because I can pull it up on the laptop I keep upstairs, as well as on my phone. All other sites work on the iPad as well. Occasionally The Forum will load and work but maybe only two tries in ten. Although my IPAD is brand new, I did see there was an update available so did that last night. I am operating on 14.8 now if that helps your techs. Unfortunately last night the update did not work and things were the same. I use Safari browser, never used the Taptalk. Any suggestions? I usually surf the forum on the iPad and I am really missing that.
    • By johnhatcher
      I updated the settings in the AdminCP to allow clubs to be created by each of my user groups (including the one I belong to) and no one can see how to add a club once logged into the forums.
      Do I have to do something to present the option on the front end?
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will display, on forum view, total users (members and guests) viewing topics.
      Display in (forums to choose) Display to (groups to choose) Display "0 Viewing" in topics when no user is viewing it
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will display, on Forums index (Table view only due to an issue in grit template), total users (members and guests) browsing forums.
      Display to (groups to choose) Display "0 Viewing" in forums when no user is browsing it Notes:
      Redis compatible This plugin DO NOT count users reading topics in the forums; only users browsing the forums.
    • By Roboko
      In my community, I extend the forum by pushing notifications into the game that the community is from.
      A problem I have is that some areas of the community, a member should really get notified when new content is added. This applies to some custom pages, a particular forum section, clubs the user has joined including their calendar events and also important items posted to the news blog.
      I think having an option that anybody who has permission to view the content is automatically following it would help in this scenario, as it would make my forum a much more effective means of communicating information and reaching the right people where otherwise content might be missed because the user was not notified of its existence.
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